Vikings: in search of stolen Queen!

by BigUp Games at 26.07.2017 - 15:02

Courage in the name of salvation!

Discover new lands, gather resources with brave Vikings in search of their stolen Queen!

Become the part of the Viking age! Save Her Majesty!
Tragedy came to peacefull Viking village on the Alsen island. Jealous Ruans couldn’t stand prosperous life of glorious warriors and they decided to kidnap their Queen Eidyn, hoping that her disappearence will bring chaos and decadence to their lands.
Three brave warriors embarked on a journey to save their Queen in the name of Justice.
Join the adventure! Help brave Vikings save their Queen and bring down evil Ruans. Bring back peace and prosperity to the Alsen lands!
Very soon you can help them. Follow our updates to be the first to do that!