Language Ban for players of Rocket League

by BigUp Games at 03.08.2017 - 12:59

This week, the Rocket League defined a system of Abusive Words (or Language Ban), which will send mouth to the ban and make it impossible for them to use obscene words while playing on the network.

In Psyonix made a list of 20 words, which will automatically respond to fans of praising Hitler or given to carnal pleasures with other mothers.
The principle of the system: each word from the list has its own limit of use, upon reaching which the amateur’s account will be automatically blocked. First he goes to the ban for 24 hours; if it will be repeated the language player will be prohibited to enter for 72 hours; The third time the chatterbox will rest from auto-football for a week, and after the fourth violation, the doors in the Rocket League slam shut before him irrevocably.

The game is already available on PCs, PS4 and Xbox One. The version for Nintendo Switch will be released closer to the end of this year.

The source of information: GameGuru