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Сompany Netflix Inc acquired the publishing house Millarworld

It became known that the world-famous company Netflix Inc acquired the publishing house Millarworld, founded by Mark Millar, who is known as the “father” of such popular comic series as “Pipets”, Kingsman and “Old Logan”. This was done with the aim of shooting the comics of Millarworld in the format of films, serials and children’s […]


Marie Antoinette’s Solitaire

You can download Marie Antoinette’s Solitaire on GameHouse site or on BigFish site You’re invited to play Marie Antoinette’s Solitaire! Take a peek into the life of Queen Marie Antoinette, a royal who knew how to have fun. Discover a life of young royalty, full of luxurious clothing, thrilling masquerades, and delightful picnics. Earn beautiful […]


Fans of the League of Legends will participate in the reality show

In the period when the TV is filled with reality shows of various kinds, in which the people swear because of love, work, valuable prizes, money and just without any reasons, Australia has decided that the world simply needs another reason for scandals in public and announced its intention to make Reality show based on […]


Stunning griddlers – 12 Labors of Hercules

Try to perform all the feats together with Hercules on GameHouse site or downloaded it from BigFish site now! Heroes aren’t made in a day, and our soon-to-be hero Hercules surely has a lot ahead of him. By the will of gods, he sets off to perform great feats, change Hellas forever and ascend on […]




Welcome to Yammix!

Are you looking for the most colorful and bright emotions for kids? Give them an amazing world of the caramel valleys, jelly hills and ice-cream mountains. Everything you will find in Yammix is made of sweets! Try yourself as a great confectioner, a spirited researcher or an enthusiastic inventor. Enjoy the fantastic journey together with […]


Griddlers – Tropical Delight

You can download Griddlers – Tropical Delight on GameHouse site or on BigFish site. Griddlers – Tropical Delight is the perfect antidote to those winter blues! Feel the sun warming you, smell the salt in the air, hear the ocean… and watch some of the most beautiful Griddles come to life under your fingers. So […]


New game “Zodiac Griddlers” have been released!

Download game on a GameHouse site. Welcome to Zodiac Griddlers! It’s about time that universe unravels some of it’s mysteries to those who are eager to learn. Is there really a connection between the movement of the planets and our lives? How does cosmos affect us? This game has some of the answers, as well […]

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Unbelievable! Somebody has stolen the sun! You have to help our brave characters to find the thief. Unique duo of Giraffe and Elephant are going for the adventure. They need a help with solving mysterious stars disappearing. Are you ready to become a great detective? Arm yourself with attentiveness and persistence to bring light into […]



About Us

We are Deyteris – creative and full of ambition team, which is keen on game development.

Our main goal is to create captivating and interesting games for kids and adults. Every game we make is a unique and amazing world. We concentrate our forces on developing high quality apps with extraordinary story and unbelievable design.

Deyteris works with devotion and passion! Our reliable and diligent team is aimed for the best result.

We do not focused on developing a certain type of games. Our strength is the variety and differentiation of genres we work in.

Our services

You have a bright idea of an extraordinary game but do not have sufficient resources to implement it? Deyteris is always glad to meet new ideas and develop the original games.

Even if your idea is abstract, our game designers can transform it into an incredible and unique story.

It is easy for our artists and animators to draw an immersive design and make the game fascinating and recognizable.

Our developers will make user-friendly, handy and at the same time exciting gameplay.

Every game is optimized for smartphones with low system requirements, so it works well even on old model devices.

Service list • Game design (mechanics, story, settings of the game) • Cross-platform development • Graphic design and animation • Music and sound effects • Promo-video for the game

Contact us and our enthusiastic team will make a qualitative project for you.