Griddlers – Tale of Mysterious Creatures

by BigUp Games at 28.07.2017 - 12:22

Find Griddlers – Tale of Mysterious Creatures HERE
Good news, Friends, we got our new game realised!

“Griddlers – Tale of Mysterious Creatures” enters an epic world of vast deserts, icy fields, and dark forests. Visit every corner of the world of Orbis, and meet the guardians of the elements. By completing the unique puzzles, you’ll unlock Orbis’ hidden power, and restore the world’s balance. Go on a journey through a dangerous and fascinating world in Griddlers – Tale of Mysterious Creatures.
– discover 120 unique levels and 10 hours of game play
– meet 6 different mysterious creatures
– enjoy the vivid and detailed graphics
– dive into the history of an amazing fantasy world